Meet Chrystelle Eriksberger, a style conscious fashion blogger from Stockholm and a well-known face at Fashion Week.

In her work as a fashion blogger and influencer, Fashion Week is the perfect way for her to keep herself up to date on upcoming collections and trends. Here are her best autumn fashion tips!

‘I visit Fashion Week to gain inspiration and because I am genuinely interested in fashion and all the work behind a collection’, Chrystelle explains. ‘Spending time with like-minded people is cosy as well. Even though we all have the same interest, we express fashion in different ways.’

Her style is influenced by where she finds herself in life. She has currently found a balance between family life and her career. Chrystelle describes her style as simple and classic with a twist.

‘I can’t be a plain Jane, no matter how hard I try’, she laughs.

Your best fashion tips this autumn?

‘For me, it will be a lot about shape and I focus on basic garments with interesting cuts, knitted oversized sweaters and brown tones. Material like wool, cashmere and leather with heavy gold accessories.’

Among Chrystelle’s Glitter favourites are hammered, sculptural earrings and creoles that stand out. She prefers large jewellery, such as a pair of statement earrings for the party.

‘I am gold person through and through, but appreciate silver jewellery as well. I often wear both at the same time.’

Fashion Week with @ChrystelleEriksberger

5 darlings att välja bland
  1. Örhängen med två metalldekorationer
    Örhängen med två metalldekorationer
    129,00 kr
    • Guldfärgad
  2. Örhängen, grafisk design
    Örhängen, grafisk design
    99,90 kr
    • Guldfärgad
  3. Örhängen med böljande yta
    Örhängen med böljande yta
    99,90 kr
    • Guldfärgad
  4. Creoler, breda med rund form
    Creoler, breda med rund form
    79,90 kr
    • Silverfärg
    • Guldfärgad
  5. Hårspännen med plastpärlor
    Hårspännen med plastpärlor
    59,90 kr
    • Vit